Facebook Now Collecting Photo IDs

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Source: Julie Wilson

An Infowars.com listener recently had their Facebook account suspended for asking Facebook how to change their primary email address.  Coincidentally, the listener who uses Facebook as a tool to promote truth about the U.S. government, 9/11, the banking cartels, and the falsehood of the “War on Terror,” says she merely contacted Facebook requesting information on how to change the primary email address on her account.

Facebook responded by suspending her account and accusing her of using a fake name. The Facebook employee with the title “Marissa of User Operations,” told her “If you would like to use this profile again, just get back to us with your real name, and we will reactivate the account for you.”

The listener explained that she hadn’t been using a fake name, but regardless provided her real first and last name.

Facebook replied stating that they could not verify ownership of…

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Block Fnord Malilk

Block Fnord Malilk

The Fnord Malilk Timeline So Far

The DisInfoBahn archives seem to be intact. We can not detect any censorship thus far….

We Need To Talk About Facebook – nadir.org

We need to talk about Facebook – nadir.org.

I saw this link briefly on Anarchist Memes and when I tried to like it, it disappeared. It will be included in the test, but not until the protocol has been sorted out.

This is a link that is about Facebook itself, and the protocol for the experiment will dictate that the fact that if the story concerns Facebook itself, that fact will be included in the data.

We will try to offer a broad spectrum of links, including some that don’t mention Facebook in the story. “Shenanigans!” may be called in the comments and that will also be reflected in the data.

Feel free to try to post this link on your own Facebook Timeline. Please screenshot as much as you can if you want the results to be recorded in the data. Other helpful information would be what country you are in, what browser is used, OS, etc…

Thank you.
William Pilgrim

Update: April 2, 2013 – excerpts from website nadir.org

(if a link fails to get censored, we will post excerpts of the link directly on FaceBook, to see if the content gets censored. Before the excerpts get posted on FaceBook, we will post the excepts we plan to use on the EFAT blog for a few days for review. If no one calls “Shenanigans!” on the excerpts (say, if someone thinks the excerpts may be baiting FaceBook into censorship, or if the content may condone illegal behavior) they will go up as posted on the EFAT blog. If  “Shenanigans!” is called, the excerpts will be reviewed and either be changed or go up as is and the “Shenanigans!” call will be noted in the data.))

Is it really ignorance?

Just to give a short outline of the problem. By using Facebook, activists do not just make their own communication, their opinion, their ‘likes’, etc. transparent and available for processing. Instead – and we consider this far more important – they expose structures and individuals who themselves have little or nothing to do with Facebook. Facebook’s capability to search the net for relationships, similarities etc. is difficult to comprehend for lay people. The chatter on Facebook reproduces political structures for the authorities and for companies. These can be searched, sorted and aggregated not just in order to obtain precise statements regarding social relations, key people, etc., but also in order to make predictions, from which regularities can be deduced. Next to mobile phones, Facebook is the most subtle, cheapest and best surveillance technology available.

Facebook users as unwitting informants?

We have always thought that the left wants something else: to continue our struggles on the internet and to use the internet for our political struggles. This is what it’s about for us – even today. That is why we see Facebook users as a real danger for our struggles. In particular, activists who publish important information on Facebook (often without knowing what they are doing), which is increasingly used by law enforcement agencies. We could almost go as far as accusing those activists of collaborating. But we’re not quite there yet. We still have hope that people will realise that Facebook is a political enemy and that those who use Facebook make it more and more powerful. Activist Facebook users feed the machine and thereby reveal our structures – without any need, without any court orders, without any pressure.

Screenshot – Facebook Post, EFAT About Page

2013-04-01 20_00_43-Fnord Malilk

April 1 2013, 8:00 Eastern Time


This is The Electric Facebook Acid Test. Here we will be testing various links and text on FaceBook to determine what gets censored and what conditions lead to FaceBook censorship. Stayed tuned, we are working on the guidelines for the experiment. The account where the experiment will take place is http://www.facebook.com/fnord.malilk

Please follow fnord.malilk if you wish to follow this experiment. Eventually we will be asking for the test to be duplicated under other screen-names, in many countries.

The first matter is to determine if any of fnord malilk’s posts have already been censored. The first thing done on the account was to archive the articles at http://disinfobahn.wordpress.com – two articles have links to articles that FaceBook has already censored.We will try to accomplish this by the time the experiment’s guidelenes are drafted.

Peace out.

No Fear.

William Pilgrim